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The Rider Bag Story

It was a typical Wednesday night; I closed theshop, threw on my motorcycle jacket, put my laptop in my bag, and beganmy motorcycle commute home.

Everything was going well until I reached the last stoplight just around the corner from my house. BAM! I was thrown off my motorcycle. As I pulled myself together, the motorist walks up to me and says, “I didn’t see you.” This came as a surprise since I was wearing a protective jacket that had reflective material on the back, but the problem was that I was wearing a black backpack on top covering a large portion of it.

Thankfully since it was a red light, the car did not hit me at high speed, and I made it home okay. But as a bike commuter and entrepreneur, I had a new goal, find something that could reduce the chances of this happening to me again; after all, I have a family to come home to, and safety is essential.


For days I searched for a backpack that had all the above specifications and didn’t find anything. Some of the options were too small, did not have enough reflection on them, were reflective but not hi-visibility, or were not water-resistant.

Ride Safe, Get Visible with Riderbag!

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